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The Panama Club

Event Description

The Related Group of companies commissioned Colin Cowie to create a mixed use entertainment space for the reclaimed park adjacent to two of their buildings. Surrounded by water on three sides and a grove of palm trees the space was designed to be an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a massive retractable door that opened up to the body of water fountains surrounding it. Since this building was the focal point of several high-rise towers it was designed as a sculpture. At night it was illuminated and changed colors while the fountains turned to fire features.

The space functioned like a restaurant on the ground floor with indoor, outdoor and private dining facilities. A floating mezzanine lounge could be accessed either by a glass elevator or circular glass staircase. To enter the restaurant you walked down a glamorous and imposing staircase. The top floor was designed to be a nightclub with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The private booths all have private access and service from a hidden service corridor.