This romantic summer wedding was surrounded by the vines of a well known east coast vineyard. The pond served as the backdrop to the ceremony where swans made their appearance (as if on cue) at the moment of the wedding kiss. Loose vines, and white blooms were arranged as they would appear in nature. The already lush landscape was accented by adding additional flowering plants lining the path that guests walked on the way to the dinner tent. Linens, chairs, silverware, table shapes and candles were styled in 4 variations for the dining room suggestive of harmonious smaller and more intimate dining rooms. The food was catered by F.O.O.D. INC, featuring Chef Alfred Portale of New York’s Gotham Bar & Grill. We surprised every guest with exquisite selections, and attentive service. The band rocked the night away, while a live artist captured the ambiance of the party with a custom painting that was created over the course of the evening capturing a live moment for the bride and groom.