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Colin Cowie: Your Event and Wedding Planner - Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas & More

Your perfect event starts here. CCL is a leading event and wedding planner – Los Angeles, NYC, or wherever else your special day is taking place.

Colin Cowie designs, plans and creates luxurious weddings and events for clients. For thirty years we’ve honed our skills to offer a range of services to accommodate the diversity of our clients. We are the team and wedding planner that New York trusts with their most exclusive affairs, offering comprehensive planning and coordination services worldwide. So if you need an event or wedding planner – from San Francisco to the world’s most luxurious islands and everywhere in between – we’re here to help.

We design and produce events of all kinds, from private affairs to large-scale corporate events. Our expertise lies in consistently planning and executing not just weddings and events, but creating iconic experiences for our clients and their guests. Visit our services page to learn about our most popular offerings, including Colin Cowie White, Signature Colin and Team Cowie.

Our specialties include wedding planning, design and production for private individuals and celebrity couples. This includes destination wedding planning; milestone event planning such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays and anniversaries; corporate event planning and corporate event production for openings, incentive or awards dinners, product launches, brand activations and galas, as well as charity events for non-profit organizations.

We provide our services on a national and international scale, with offices and representation in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Saratoga Springs. Whether you need a wedding planner in Las Vegas or event planner in New York, we’ll put together a celebration your guests will remember for a lifetime.

In need of an event planner or wedding coordinator? Los Angeles to NYC, North America to Europe, give us a call to learn about Colin Cowie Lifestyle’s services or schedule a consultation.

Our Latest Work

It’s very important to know your market. When word got around about our early events with Oprah, we began losing clients who thought our services were inaccessible and unaffordable.

To counter the perceptions around our price point, we designed a new brand architecture with three company divisions, each selling a specific version of the Colin Cowie experience.

At the top end, there is Colin Cowie White. These are the most expensive events, the haute couture experience. The word ‘no’ does not exist and each element of the event is unique, larger, better, and more fabulous.

The next tier is Signature Colin. Colin is on the phone calls, sits in on the meetings, and holds the client’s hand every step of the way, as he collaborates with the client’s designated team.

Finally, there’s Team Cowie, our fastest-growing division that provides #TheGoldStandard of service at a lower price point. While Colin approves the creative aspects of the event, the client works with team members Colin has educated and worked with over the years.

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Today's world is a buyer's world. Consumers are overwhelmed with choices in every aspect of their lives. How do you make sure your target customer picks you?

How do you get—and keep—your potential customer’s attention?

⭐ You have to have the right product.

⭐ You have to package it fabulously.

⭐ You have to make the customer's experience a priority.

Colin offers hard-earned advice about standing out in a saturated market (and more!) in his latest book, The Gold Standard: Giving Your Customers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted.

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Create an experience that exceeds customer expectations on any budget! #TheGoldStandard

Colin shares the best ways to curate the ultimate customer service experience in his latest book, The Gold Standard: Giving Your Customers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted.

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Learn how to cultivate the most incredible customer experiences on earth through The Gold Standard book, an essential guide by Colin Cowie, distinguished purveyor of unforgettable “wow” events.

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