LGBTQ Wedding Planner

We are very proud to showcase some of the most incredible LGBTQ weddings we have designed and produced.

Having over 30 years of industry experience and as a member of the LGBTQ community himself, Colin Cowie is well-aware of the overwhelming heteronormative presence in the wedding industry. With the industry saturated in ‘bride and groom’ – centric rhetoric, we value the opportunity to subvert any and all outdated preconceptions and expectations of wedding tradition.

Through our love-inclusive approach, together we come up with a unique narrative that tells you and your partner’s story. We take every step to ensure you and your guests feel comfortable, welcome, and celebrated.

We work closely with equality-minded vendors that support the LGBTQ community, and we are proud that our network of wedding professionals supports an industry in which equality is recognized, practiced, and prioritized.

Love is love – and love always deserves to be properly celebrated.

Colin Cowie Lifestyle does not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its events or operations.

Sampling of our LGBTQ Work


    We have mastered the art of the wedding event. Whether you are seeking a romantic destination get-away experience on an island in the South Pacific, a royal wedding of epic proportions, or the most glamorous, sophisticated and tasteful backyard wedding, Colin and his team will help envision and create it for you and turn your dream into reality.


    Our team works with yours to ensure that all messaging is woven throughout the event experience for you and your guests. We’re here to make sure you do that in a tasteful, elegant and fun way allowing the guest experience to be natural and fluid. Our involvement in charitable organizations allows us to demonstrate our ability to be creative with limited resources and our commitment to giving back.


    A coming-of-age event is a once in a lifetime experience that deserves a significant memory to go with it. Capturing that moment in time and creating an indelible etching is an art form. We work with you and your family to make this the most personal, meaningful and beautiful moment to celebrate with family and friends.


    Colin Cowie Lifestyle has planned and executed some of the grandest worldwide. Our extensive experience in orchestrating huge productions, while seamlessly integrating our presence into your existing operations, has afforded us the opportunity to work on some of the most talked about and spectacular hotel, office and retail openings across the globe.