About Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie, a global citizen and experienced event planner, has traveled over 13 million miles and visited nearly 100 countries, drawing inspiration from every corner of the world. He empowers people to live their best lives, sharing his enthusiasm through his website, books, television appearances, and personal example. Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, Colin supports various charities focused on children’s education and health. Renowned for his experiential approach to design, he carefully orchestrates what you smell, touch, taste, see, and hear to create ultimate experiences for clients, including celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Kardashian.

About Colin Cowie Lifestyle

Colin Cowie Lifestyle (CCL) is more than a full-service event design and production company; we partner with you to turn your dreams into reality. We stay ahead of trends in food, décor, and entertainment, focusing on personalized details that make your event unique. Our proactive approach and dedication to client satisfaction have earned us a loyal following and top rankings among event planners from NYC to L.A. and worldwide. We distinguish ourselves with a five-senses approach, ensuring every celebration reflects the host’s personality, taste, style, and budget.

For the past 30 years, CCL has designed and planned weddings and events from coast to coast and around the globe. With offices in major cities, we offer services to clients worldwide. Our seasoned team members guide you through the event planning process, ensuring a high-quality, high-value experience that creates magical memories for private individuals, socialites, royalty, red-carpet celebrities, and industry leaders.

Our Expertise


We have perfected the art of creating exceptional wedding events, from romantic destination weddings in Europe or the South Pacific to grand “royal” weddings and sophisticated backyard ceremonies. Our team will help you envision and create a day that turns your dreams into reality.

Corporate Events & Charities

We understand your brand and script a purposeful journey that supports your goals, ensuring a meaningful guest experience. Our involvement in charitable organizations showcases our creativity with limited resources and commitment to giving back.


We create unforgettable coming-of-age events and anniversaries, capturing significant moments with personal, meaningful, and beautiful celebrations for family and friends.

Grand Openings

With extensive experience in orchestrating large productions, we have planned some of the most spectacular hotel, office, and retail openings worldwide, seamlessly integrating into your operations.