Hi Stephan,

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to you, CCL, and all those involved for making Kelly’s and my wedding everything that we could have wanted. There is not one thing that we would have done differently looking back on it, and it all stemmed from our first introductory call with you last year. Everything that you assured us of was spot on, and we will be eagerly looking to use CCL for any future events that we may have.

Please pass our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Natalia, Carolina, and Hiromi, who were nothing short of exceptional every step of the way.

Our best,
Alex and Kelly

Krista & Laine,

I really hope the two of you are feeling better. You both carry the world, so I hope you have time to relax and reset before the next event.

Also, I want to express to you both how grateful I am to be a part of this truly remarkable and rare team, led by the both of you. That is the reason why you’re the only company I work for besides my main client. Pure joy to be a part of this CCL family the two of you have gracefully created.

With Gratitude,

“Thank you for everything this weekend! It blew way way beyond my expectations and I can truly say it was the most insane experience I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you for everything and everybody who took care of us. Could not have asked for a better wedding planner team!”


So nice to hear from you still dream about my wedding it was extraordinary and so beautiful in every single way I am so thankful and happy you guys did a magnificent job thank you so very much….  Hope to hear from you soon .   Let me know when do we see the pictures I can’t wait !!! Thanks again.


We are on cloud 9, it was a truly magical few days and the final day in a culmination of all your hard work and planning that superseded our expectations. I can say for the both of us that we hardly tasted the food served as we were just in awe of the beauty of your vision and to see it come to life. Thank you again for such an enjoyable and unforgettable moment it just went by so quickly. In a blink of an eye and it was over. Colin we will definitely stay in touch it would be an honor to get together again and meet your husband. We wish you Colin and Valentina as well as your amazing team the best and thank you once again for absolutely everything you managed to do and create for us. Thank you again for everything.


What a magical weekend! We’re still recovering from it 😅 our friends and family were extremely impressed. There are no words to thank you enough for the most beautiful wedding and fun afterparty in the world! Let’s definitely keep in touch! We feel like we have gained friends 🥰 With much love and appreciation


My sincere gratitude for all the hard work and dedication you put into making Misha and Dara’s wedding day so special. Your attention to details, professionalism, and warm personality made the entire planning process and the day itself run so smoothly. You went above and beyond to make sure that every detail was taken care of, and we truly appreciate all the effort you put into making our wedding day perfect. Thank you again for everything you did to make this wedding day so special. We will always remember your kindness and professionalism, and we will be forever grateful for the role you played in making our wedding day a dream come true. Love you 🙏🏻❤️


I think we’re still in the clouds over this weekend. It was such a blessing working together over the last year together and thank you for making planning a 400-person wedding so much more seamless than it ever could have been otherwise. I still have Colin’s words in my head: “when you have a rain plan it never rains, it’s only when you don’t have one that it rains.” It was a miracle that after a forecast of constant rain and thunder it ended up being such perfect weather. You both, as well as the entire team, have become like family to us over this past year. Thank you for everything again. We will relive this weekend for the rest of our lives.


You guys are truly the best in the world not only at what you do as work, but also fantastic people who we now consider family.  Thank you so much for everything.  Best of luck with your future events and I really hope we stay in touch.


I would like to echo all the sentiments expressed here and add my gratitude for your incredible work and craft. No doubt that the chemistry we as a family had with you and your leadership team added all the extra ✨✨ needed to make this fairytale weekend so perfect in every way. I never had a doubt that your professionalism and attention to detail and artistry will bring it all together, even when we were wrapped in towels on Thursday, dealing with ⚡️⛈ on Friday, and driving up for pictures Saturday afternoon and planters were still moving around and cars had to maneuver past little tractors carrying boxes away 😂


We cannot thank you enough for all your work. The whole weekend was an absolute dream!! Thank you for making it all happen flawlessly with such a quick turnaround. You all are truly amazing. It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for making our dreams come true!!


To state the obvious, it was the most memorable weekend of our lives and we couldn’t have done it with you and the team.  Thank you so much and helping us bring this wonder moment and lifelong memory to life. “

Tom & Carol

We haven’t found words yet to describe our experiences on our wedding day. I guess the most practical and least poetic way to describe it is that it was everything we dreamed of and more. Our friends and friends are STILL talking about it, everything from the band (a lot of people absolutely loved the music), the food, the venue, the decorations, etc. Just everything! Words can’t describe how much we love it and we’re so happy to have worked with you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.”

Cindy & David

Jacquie and i are sitting at the airport at the moment and we can’t stop talking about how amazing the weekend was. Every single part of it was absolute perfection, it was literally the wedding of our dreams and you guys all played such a huge role in making our dream come. We cannot thank each of you enough for all that you did to make it as special as it was. Something tells me our paths will cross again.

Jacquie & Scott

We are celebrating our one year anniversary today and reliving the most magical moments of the spectacular wedding day that you made a reality for us! We wanted to reach out with gratitude and joy to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Much love,
Laurie and Dave

“Thank you for everything – all of you. We are absolutely mind blown at how everything came together. We could not be more grateful for your immense dedication and constant help and guidance throughout this whole crazy process. We are humbled and speechless with gratitude. Thank you endlessly.” –


Dear Colin,

Jacquie and I are sitting at the airport at the moment and we can’t stop talking about how amazing the weekend was. Every single part of it was absolute perfection, it was literally the wedding of our dreams and you guys all played such a huge role in making our dream come true. We cannot thank each of you enough for all that you did to make it as special as it was. Something tells me our paths will cross again.

Scott & Jacquie

Dear Colin Cowie Lifestyle Team,

Thanks so much and all of you lived up to the incredible reputation of Colin Cowie!

Marc Leder CO-CEO Sun Capital

Dear Colin,

Anastasia is feeling the love – outreach is off the hook!

You and your team did such an AMAZING job! Laine, Krista and Catherine were beyond wonderful to work with. The night was seamless from beginning to end! Anastasia’s house looked spectacular! Our guests said it was one of their favorite dinners and the special birthday moment for Oprah was a perfect ending…complete homerun!

Hope we get to do more together 🙂



Dear Colin,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the American Turkish Society, we would like to thank you and your team for designing and organizing the 2021 American Turkish Society Gala Dinner that took place at the Plaza last night in New York. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to celebrate Mica and Ahmet Ertegun for their extraordinary achievements in music and philanthropy and appreciate your special touch in making this evening a truly unforgettable one.


Suzan Sabanci Dincer and Michael M. Roberts

Hi Colin,

There really are no words. We’ve been on cloud nine since Saturday night with no signs of coming down anytime soon. You and your team created a magical weekend that above all else was so “us” — because you understood us so well from our first discussion and imbued the event with that understanding and authenticity. We are the luckiest couple in the world to benefit from your talents. We couldn’t imagine a better way to begin our marriage than with the unforgettable, beautiful, colorful, happy, elegant, classic but modern (how!?), romantic wedding you envisioned and put together. And let me tell you the response has been off the charts! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. Our deepest gratitude to you and the amazing team.

All our love,

Hannah and Dan

Dear Colin,

We are truly speechless. Last night’s event was everything we hoped it would be and more. We have not been able to stop giggling, smiling and talking about every detail and every special moment of the night!

From beginning to end the ENTIRE night could not have been more amazing!!! The LOVE Marquis outside, the elevator, the scripted names on the floor of all our guests, the candle lighting part of the ceremony, the gorgeous flowers and their scents in the ceremony, the lucite chuppah. Then the dining room blew everyone’s minds again with the exquisite table settings, mirrored table tops, velvet red and purple chairs, personalized menus, the LOVE napkins, flowers that everyone was dying over and the wedding cake that was a special focal point.

Our guests have been writing and calling us all day to tell us how much they loved the music and the changing of the rooms and music as the night unfolded.

This was a night that we will remember forever and so will our family and friends.

Thank you for the most magical evening and beautiful celebration we have ever had!!

With great appreciation and huge hugs!!


Hi Colin!

I’ve never fielded so many texts on what an epic party we had!!!

You and your team were impeccable as always and more importantly we loved having you be a part of it as our friend. 

Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Colin!

Our wedding was absolutely fabulous! We all had a BLAST, and it truly couldn’t have been more perfect.

All of our guests are still talking about it (almost every day… lol) and i am certain, everyone will be talking about it as the best wedding ever for years to come. I am ready to do it all over again 😉 💃🏼. We can’t wait to get the photos and video to relive it (although a little frightened about the video. Haha! Everyone was having a sweaty good time 😂)

I simply cannot say enough about your team. They were beyond incredible! Erin, Catherine, Megan, Alia and everyone else that was involved did the BEST job bringing our dreams to life, and every single person on your team that I worked with was an absolute pleasure 💕. In fact, I miss talking to everyone on the regular!

We wanted it to be a memorable party and vacation for everyone, and it was that and so much more! We will cherish the special memories always!

Hiring you guys was by far the best decision we made!  Hope to work with you and your team again in the future!

I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for everything and for all of your hard work!

Forever grateful,


  • Bridget – you are a superstar!

    Thanks to you and Colin and your team for making all of Brady’s dreams come true!

    We had an amazing night that we will always remember!

    We love you guys.


    -Adam and Jodi

  • To all the magnificent team,

    A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Last night (and the whole weekend) was a great success all because of your professionalism and care. You made this happy occasion burst to life in the best way possible and in doing so helped our family make very happy memories!

    Thank you again.



  • Colin and Team,

    Honestly….what can I say but a 1000 thank you from the bottom of my heart. Noor and her friends woke up at The Plaza the next day & one friend said, “Noor, I feel so sorry for anyone who has to throw a Bat Mitzvah after yours…that was one of the most unbelievable parties in the world.”

    The confettis were out of this world….the kids could not stop talking about it. The kids space was so quaint and cozy. One of the kids told her mom, “it’s the first time I went to a Bat Mitzvah that felt so cozy and all the kids stayed together and the swags were just right…it wasn’t over done.” The kids comments were my favorite.

    I can’t tell you how many kids came to find me and tell me this was one of the most spectacular nights they have ever seen and that is priceless….


  • Dear Colin,

    We were blessed with an abundance of talent and experience on your team and it showed in how flawlessly last night unfolded. Erin’s years of experience with us, Ashleys keen eye for lighting and staging and that middle of the night quality control, Sophie’s creative leadership and DIY dedication and Meaghan’s meticulous management of the night – it was all amazing.

    And Colin, the team you built, the vision you have, and the passion you bring to Ubuntu and helping us create memorable events is life changing for the children we work with. The Ubuntu Gala brand wouldn’t’ be what it is without you.

    I know we come to you every year with expectations that far outstretch our budget. And every year you help us make it happen. You make us look like a million bucks. Every year we get better, and this year, we got better UNDER budget, thanks to your generosity, ingenuity and negotiating on our behalf. Thank you.

    I could go on but I won’t. Lots of follow up to do. But thanks again. I love working with your team and look forward to our 20th anniversary party next year!


  • Dear Colin,
    Truly there are no words! As always it was a huge treat to work with you, your enthusiasm and lovely personality joined with your incredible taste and can-do attitude make every project a joy. I know you agree this was really a once in a lifetime creation that will never be duplicated – we are quite the team and I have never seen anything so absolutely perfect. It was gorgeous and appropriate, glamorous but not over the top, magical and simply perfect.  It was a masterpiece that came together with the help of everyone. But you were the planet that all the others revolved around. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy working with you, admire your ethic, your taste, and your style. Thank you Colin for this gift of the perfect party!

    Let’s do it again!

  • Dear Colin,
    Epic? Definitely!!! But adjectives fail to fully capture the magic of those four days in Mexico. It was all spectacular, gorgeous, glamorous, imaginative, exhilarating, stunning, sensational, exquisite, dazzling, breathtaking, artistic, elegant, stylish, intoxicating, delectable, refined, a splendiferous dream!!! When we set about this undertaking nearly a year ago we agreed that the journey should be as pleasurable as the product, and we succeeded at that!  I think that’s perhaps the highest compliment I can pay you and your extraordinary team. You’ve assembled a wonderful group of talent … Laine, Krista, Dennis, Yusef and too many others to mention. But I know that leadership makes a difference, and your commitment to excellence transcends all your team’s efforts.

    It was fun, and it was unbelievably successful! 

    With admiration and gratitude,

  • I just wanted to say one final big thank you for planning this party for me! My entire family was amazed at how calm and stress-free I was throughout the entire process but I owe that all to you guys!! You all made everything so easy and I am so grateful. The party turned out beyond amazing, everyone had the best time and I am so impressed with the work and care each of you put into planning this. Thank you so much for everything!!

    The event was a huge success and I am also really happy with the amount we managed to raise for Elevate!

    Thank you!

  • Colin, Not only were we totally blown away by your creative vision and flow of everything .. but you!

    Krista and Laine are all so wonderful and truly guided us along with so much love and compassion. That is a massive part of this process and something that was so important to both of us. As it is truly one of the most important days of a persons life.

    I can’t begin to thank you enough for that, from every inch of my heart I am so incredibly grateful.

    Thank you,

  • You are clearly a Knight in shining armor! You have taken my Cinderella dream and turned it in to a reality.

    For a long time I had a vision about the perfect, timeless fairytale wedding for our precious daughter. I knew that it would take more than brilliant creativity. I knew that it would take more than extraordinary execution. I knew that it would require expertise from someone who had the experience to pull my wild dreams together.

    You are that man! You have done it all.

    We are eternally grateful to you, Erin, and her team for guiding us, encouraging us, and supporting us throughout this fantastic unforgettable journey that culminated in the most perfect wedding I could’ve ever imagined.

    Lee and I send you our love and gratitude.

  • Colin and Team, Now that we made it back from paradise, Sam and I just wanted to say once again how grateful we are for all the work that went into our weekend.

    The weekend was a pure fairytale! Our guests could not have had more fun. Everyone is still raving about it, as are we.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, I miss working with you guys already so will have to think of a reason to throw a party stat, once we refill the piggy bank!!!

    All our love,
    -Kim and Sam

  • Dear Colin,

    I was waiting to speak with you live on our call this week to tell you how much we loved our table. It truly was one of the very best tables this year. Our dinner guests, including a NYBG Board Member, loved that at our table one could see the other guests across the table. It made everyone feel more connected to the experience. I have the left over orchids in a vase on my desk as a reminder of a perfect evening! I sent a thank you to your lovely team of designers who made everything work so smoothly. It was also wonderful to have spent the evening with Stephan and Melissa.

    We look forward to working with you and your wonderful team again.

    Warm regards,

  • I really don’t know where to begin… This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. I knew when I met you that we were “cut from the same cloth”… I knew that everything you did was a combination of style, grace, impeccable taste and FUN. What I could not predict was that every moment would be more perfect than the next, and that we would become friends.

    You made Rebecca’s wedding a true labor of love. There was not one element that did not “WOW” all of us. From the design to the incredible food to each perfectly placed flower… you are a creative genius. The only reason I am not completely depressed is because I know for you and me – this is just the beginning… thank you for turning our dream into a reality and for creating magic!

    All my love xo,

  • Robert & I just got back from our “mini moon” and I could not let another day go by without letting you know how extremely happy Robert & I were with you and your team. The wedding & wedding weekend was sheer perfection.

    I cannot express or emphasize enough the stellar leadership, organization & expeditiousness of the team. There was never a moment where Robert & I were either apprehensive or lacked confidence in their ability to make our day a great success.

    As a designer myself, I do not use the term “Perfection” very often at all, but this is what that was. Thank you for surprising me & for making this weekend the best of my life, since I met Robert. Your firm & team have given us a most precious gift that will continue to fill our new life with joyous memories. I am confident that no other event production company could have made this day the tremendous success that is was. I can say with definitiveness that you are the very best in the business.

    With Eternal Gratitude & Joy,
    -Jessie & Robert


  • Like Cinderella, my dress and shoes have been retired, but the memories, (and the handsome prince), live on! To show you how appreciative I am for your part in the success of the Gala, I send comments from the many thank you notes received from attending friends and family – – – they are still talking about the festivities!!!!!


    • Wow, that was one for the ages! Great party!
    • It was a stunning celebration! Every detail was anticipated and addressed.
    • You set a standard none of your friends can meet, but we are blessed to be recipients.
    • Everything was just perfect: the day, the setting, the food, and the guests.
    • What a party! Amazing attention to detail.
    • Thank you for your guidance and friendship,


    -Ann Porter

  • Words cannot describe the magic that took place this weekend. Although we have spent the last 11 months creating this vision, seeing it come to life exceeded all expectations. Brian and I are still on cloud 9, and have been reliving the weekend through pictures, conversations with friends, and many videos of Dave Matthews! Working with all of you was a pleasure, and you made this process easy, fun, and stress free. Thank you for creating a fairy tale we will never forget.

    I am sad that this is the last email (for now) but I am hopeful that we will cross paths in the future! There are always many anniversaries to celebrate 🙂

    -Rebecca and Brian

  • First, I have a whole new definition for what a ‘world class event’ really is… The difference between our event and every other I have ever experienced is summarized in one word: magic. There was magic in the air. The magic that you brought to the table came in the form of: collective experience in your company, the unrelenting passion in each one of your team members and the honesty and integrity you individually brought to the table. All of which allowed us to create something truly meaningful.

    I got the opportunity to see… a group of the most accomplished people I’ve ever met in my life come together… and build something great. For the rest of my career, anytime I get asked what made this one different, the answer will always be you.
    -Rehan Choudry
    Director of Entertainment and Special Events
    The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

  • The best night ever! Amazing, Epic!
    -Ryan Seacrest

  • It definitely was an amazing weekend; I’m just coming up for air!!! Thank you so much for being apart of our special day!!! Everything worked out….
    -Amar’e Stoudemire
  • You were incredible to work with and understood me and my vision so perfectly from the get go. I knew that I could just “show up” and everything would be perfection– which it was and more.

    ALL our guests were blown away… not easy with that crowd… so well done. It was truly a WOW night for everyone!.

  • Team Cowie, I don’t have the words to express the gratitude that I have for the unbelievable feat that you pulled off in seven days. I keep thinking of words to describe the experience, but remarkable, unreal, incredible, spectacular and about 1,000 others all just don’t seem to do it justice. I had the most amazing time of my life and I know everyone else feels the exact same way. Thank you one million times for giving me such joy and happiness.
    -Montana & Michael
  • Team Cowie, You were such a pleasure to work with!

    We had the most incredible weekend. The messages we are receiving from our friends, family and clients are overwhelming. It was an event that I feel many will be talking about for a long time!! I can only imagine how hysterical the photos and videos are going to be. We cannot wait to see them.

    Again, thank you for everything! Both the evening & brunch could not have been more perfect!!

    We look forward to working together in the near future!
    -Joyal Capital Management

  • Dear Team Cowie, I have no words to truly express my gratitude to you all! Last night was a fundraiser that people will be talking about for a long time! The rooms looked beyond beautiful, the entertainment was spectacular and everything worked like clockwork.

    It was the most fun many people in the room have had in years! For me, what made it even more special was working with all of you. It was such a pleasure to work with each of you. Your smiles, enthusiasm and commitment to making it all work were extraordinary!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Please could you all check your calendars as I would love to take Team Cowie out for a lunch or dinner to celebrate.
    -A. Kerzner

  • Before departing for our honeymoon, we wanted to send you huge thanks for putting together our wedding. This was such a joyous day and it was made even more so seeing all the beautiful touches at Caramoor, the time and care taken with each and every guest, the attention to detail on both the logistics and decor side.

    Caramoor is a gorgeous blank canvas, but you guys really took things to the next level. When Josh and I were taking pictures around the grounds Sunday afternoon, our jaws literally dropped as we checked out all the gorgeous spaces, touches and details. It was elegant and charming without being over the top – exactly what we wanted. You took such good care of us on the day, with golf carts at the ready and food in the Yichud room, helping us give our guests all their special drinks, and rolling with the punches at life’s inevitable surprises (Brunch rain! Lost speeches! A cake but no bride and groom!). That is life and you guys got us back on track. We could never in a million years have pulled this off without you, it was a lot of work and the result was absolutely fabulous. For so many reasons over the past seven months – thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hope the rest of wedding season goes well and sending love.
    -Pam & Josh

  • It was the most magical, romantic and perfect day. It was a day fit for a fairytale story. It was everything we wanted and more! The flowers, decorations, tent, fireworks, sparklers and designs made us feel like we were in our very own movie. Colin Cowie Lifestyle made our wedding run so smoothly and because of that there was never a dull moment. It was the wedding of our dreams and to this day everyone tells us it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to. It was the happiest day of our lives and we are so grateful that Colin Cowie, Melissa, Julie and Alia from the Colin Cowie team made this happen for us. You guys are the best and we can’t thank you enough.
    -The Burnhams

  • We simply cannot express adequately our joy and happiness over the weekend you all produced for us. It was the best party ever!! We so appreciate the amount of detailed attention you all put into making both parties such a success. EVERY guest noticed EVERYTHING. It was a love-fest and you contributed enormously to making it perfect. We could feel the love! Remember, it all comes down to love. So, from the two of us to all of you, we thank you from the depths of our hearts. You are incomparable!!!
    -M & B
  • You all worked so hard and it amazes me how you never seem to get hassled.
    You went above and beyond.

    An incredible night!

    Colin you truly outdid yourself!!!!
    -S. Tabatznik

  • I was out last week, only to return to the office with a staggering number of emails… all raves about how magical the Bollywood event was, of course!

    On behalf of Ameriprise Financial, I want to thank the Colin Cowie Celebrations team for making our event such a tremendous success. I knew in my heart (and through the relentless stalking of my team via nationwide Nextel) that the event would be flawless and it was.
    -Amy King
    Ameriprise Financial

  • You totally amaze me! What I think I most appreciated was the fact that you were there the entire time — from start to finish… No matter how many times you have been over it all and how many boring meetings you attend… But the big picture is the fact you were at all the phases with us — The entire enchilada!!! No one does that and that is why you are the ROCKING BEST!!!
    -J. Goodman
  • Saturday night was absolutely a dream come true. You all did such an amazing job and I am so grateful. I truly appreciate all the time, effort, and creative magic you put into every element of the party, from the extraordinary tablescapes to the beautiful dessert bar and fabulous decorative elements. AND, you did it all while remaining so incredibly professional, patient, and kind. I cannot wait to work with you again!!

    Thank you, thank you for a spectacular evening.
    -Amanda Fuhrman

  • WE HAD A FABULOUS TIME!!!! I know I may be a bit biased but I think that was the best wedding ever!! Seriously everything was perfect. Everyone had such an amazing time. We didn’t want it to end!!
    -Paige Johnson
  • I can’t begin to tell you how much yesterday meant to me. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you for your expertise and guidance.
    -Alyssa Milano
  • Can I experience that fun over again for the rest of the week??? On Sunday morning my husband looked at me and said “I just wish we could do it all again!”

    BTW, I’ve heard that from every single person at the various parties. “Why can’t we all do it again?”
    -Kelly Ripa
    ABC Network

  • Thank you for everything you did to make the wedding one of the most memorable events in my life. Your team was magnificent and the event and weekend was exquisite. I know how hard you all worked to make it so perfect.
    -Victoria Monte
  • Thousands of thanks for the most amazing wedding you created for us. You made our dreams come true. All of us, our friends and family were floating yesterday on a magical cloud. It was just above perfect.
    -Liora & Menachem Sterberg
  • It is always a pleasure working with you and your team — Never missing a beat and truly the best in the business.
    -John Weiss
    Susan Magrino Agency
  • Jeff and I were thrilled with the night. It was everything we had hoped for and more. Our friends had an incredible time. We can’t thank you enough and wouldn’t dream of doing a party without you!
    Many many thanks!!!
    -Caryn & Jeff Zucker
  • We just want to thank you and everyone else in your organization again for all of your hard work, professionalism and graciousness in making the events at Lord & Taylor so successful. It was a pleasure working with all of you, and we know that the store and the audience also were very impressed and appreciative…

    …We look forward to hearing from you soon and working together again. Many, many thanks.
    -Nancy Risdon-Carolee
    Lord & Taylor

  • Been sitting here trying to write a thank you note for the past hour and realize I can’t even put my awe into words… last night was AWESOME.
    -Sarah Cunningham
    The Chamber Group
  • I just wanted to thank you both again for the absolutely perfect job you did last night…Everyone had a wonderful time. The decorations, photo montage, DJ, photo booth, layout, cocktails, wines and champagnes, food selections…were just magnificently done!

    I sincerely cannot thank you both enough for all you did. I simply loved working with you. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again. And I know this sounds corny, but I’ll miss you!
    -Lisa Kearney

  • Jeff and I just wanted to thank you again for putting together such a great evening last night. Everything was absolutely perfect and it was such a pleasure working with you guys day in and day out over the past year. We are so incredibly happy with how everything turned out — it was really a dream come true.

    Colin — thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and your team. Everyone was phenomenal. It was a very special day from start to finish (especially coming home to our apartment covered with flowers!!). We’ll remember it forever.
    -Lindsay and Jeff

  • Words cannot describe our appreciation of the awesome work you have done for the wedding. We know it wasn’t easy and at times it must have been frustrating (sorry!), but in the end it couldn’t have been any better. We are really thankful and wishing you the very best in health and happiness.
    -Mike & Suha Atassi
  • I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we are so grateful and appreciative of all of your hard work! Every single detail that we mentioned, from the beginning until now, has been taken into account — we are so lucky to be working with such a talented group of individuals for our wedding! As I’m sure you can imagine, we are all SO excited for June 14th and know that it will be such a magical day for all of us.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything!
    -Rachel Aresty

  • Dear Colin & Stephan, (& team) –
    WOW!!! Our marula oil space was the hit of our gathering event. I’ve never seen a launch space of ours generate so much excitement. Thank you for an incredible job — your creativity brought my vision for this brand alive — and then took it to the next level. Looking forward to the next collaboration.
    -Sharyn Locke
  • Dear Team Cowie,
    I don’t think that words could sum up how appreciative I am for all your help with our party. It was chic and classy and everybody had an amazing time. All the hard work and countless emails were worth it because the party was a homerun and you are to thank for that! I honestly am not sure how to say thank you enough times! You have been such a pleasure to work with and an absolute doll! You are just a shining star and we cannot thank you enough for all your amazing and hard work.

    A million times thank you!
    -Stefanie Iannella

  • Hi Erin and Melissa,
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to you last night, but I wanted to thank you for everything!! The gala was a massive success, and we have been receiving nothing but rave reviews about it. It’s been so wonderful working with you both, and I can’t thank you enough for supporting our work and helping us plan such a beautiful and memorable evening. We’re so glad to have had your support in the planning and execution of our 15 year anniversary celebration. It was a such a special evening, and so many lives will be changed because of it.

    I look forward to our follow up conversations in the weeks to come. Thank you again for believing in Ubuntu and for all of your efforts and hard work in making the gala so successful!

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!
    -Erin Holstein
    Special Events and Projects Coordinator
    Ubuntu Education Fund

  • Dear Colin,
    We never expected that this incredible venue, a sea of red, the seductive lighting, food and service as in the days of colonial India, Oprah’s intoxicating expression of love…would turn loose such emotion. I had no expectation that this endorphin-laced “brew” that you created, in combination with our hosts words, would intoxicate our guests.

    You exceeded all expectations, although I did not have any. Again, your team is fabulous! How in the world do you do it?!?! You are the master! We have just seen 30 or more of our guests off to various airports. We are starting to decompress. The reflections are galactic.
    -Bob Veloz

  • Thanks so much for making the wedding weekend so special. I know I was only a minor player in the weekend affairs; but still, you always were there to listen and advise. I don’t think you can ever imagine how much I appreciated that. Definitely put me at ease. I’ve been to many weddings, and of course I’m biased, but this one was amazing. Our guests have not stopped raving and no one left early! I look forward to seeing photos and videos as there were so many lovely details that I’m afraid I missed (but my friends didn’t)! Yes, they were even aware of the darling, helpful girls in black and the very handsome waiters. I wish you all well and much success. Mr. Cowie is fortunate to have such a capable team.
    -C. Vogel
  • Nice job, you crushed it. My favorite moments: the bus ride, the caviar tin, the entry into the club with the fog, the flawless food service, the color changing table on Friday, and so much more. All classic Colin, and a great time was had by all.