The ultimate wedding destination: Cannes, France. Our celebration began at the magical Château de la Napoule in Cannes. We welcomed 430 guests with a spectacular display of fire elements and stilted violinists. On the wedding day, Château de la Croix des Gardes in Cannes provided a spacious and elegant venue, embodying beauty, glamor, and elegance. 

Throughout our design process, we were intentional with the color purple, per our couple’s vision. 

From centerpieces, seating chart tassels, and glass cups to hanging wisterias, chandelier accents, and cake details, we paid meticulous attention to the details to ensure our aesthetic created a cohesive and unforgettable final result.

These photos capture more than just a beautifully designed space; they symbolize an extraordinary triumph over a challenge that could have derailed the wedding. The first day of the event brought a sudden downpour of 3 inches of rain around 3pm. In a race against time, our team swiftly lifted the entire tent and brought in 5,000 pounds of gravel to raise it. We completed the reconstruction just before the guests arrived at 6pm. Thanks to our incredible team, we transformed a potential setback into a victorious moment, upholding the highest standards of excellence for the event.” 

– Colin Cowie